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The Best and Safest Sustainable Tourism Destination in the World

Only a two hour flight from Portugal’s mainland you can find a wild and well-preserved archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: The Azores.

These nine volcanic islands, recognized in 2019 and 2020, as the 1st Sustainable Tourism Destination, is a small paradise where nature, tourism, and local communities co-exist.

I have a soft spot for Pico Island. It’s less touristy than São Miguel Island and very rich in experiences, from local gastronomy, scuba diving, trekking, swimming in natural pools, fishing, visiting vineyards, dolphin and whale watching, all the while having several options to eat and drink very well at!

Pico has a very unique ecosystem due to the black Volcanic rock present on the island but also due to local’s tenacity who, against all expectations, among other achievements, managed to grow fantastic wine from rocks in a landscape that is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004 – Pico Wine!

For the record, the basalt stone walls were assembled to protect the vineyards from the winds and absorb heat from the sun and there are so many vineyards, that if you put them in a straight line they would travel around the world two times!

Pico Island is also where you can climb the highest mountain in Portugal (Mount Pico with a 2351 meter peak) and spend the night there, camping at the summit, surrounded by silence and millions of stars, before the descent.  It’s not hard, I assure you!

The island is strategically located in a way that in less than 30 minutes we can visit two other islands that are both very different regarding flora, fauna, and geology: Faial and São Jorge islands.

Join our Sustainable Experience in Pico Azores, this year!

All photos by Sílvia Olivença except the two taken from Pico’s summit (credits to Tripix for the group picture and Kim Wolde for the overnight camping picture).

port de Madalena, à Pico, prise du ferry, lors d'une visite à Faial

This dream experience started two years ago. In March 2020 we were ready to go but suddenly Covid-19 changed our plans. Now more than ever,  we believe that the Azores will be one of the best and safest destinations in the world to choose for your holidays. 

If you’re a foodie, or a Portuguese wine lover, passionate about nature, curious about culture, in love with the sea, and excited to do some mountain hiking, then Pico Island is the island for you. 

Far from the crowds but still intertwined with the local communities, we will not lose an opportunity to connect with others, to relax, to taste, and to learn about Azores cuisine.  

Oh! My Cod Pico Experience is a laid-back approach to group travel that feels more like exploring the world with old friends interested in their surroundings with a strong appetite for food, wine, and connecting with nature. 

This will be a ‘one experience cocktail’ that only an island like Pico could offer.  Mixing the ocean, walking, swimming, eating, discovering the local wine, and even allowing you to participate in the harvest with local communities (during August trip only)!

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