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Virtual Tour Per person

Discover Lisbon on this virtual experience with a local!

Gather your distant family and friends and join other travelers on this online experience/virtual experience. Explore one of the oldest districts in the world: Alfama, Lisbon. Whether you know Lisbon or not, this experience is tailored to you.

What is an online experience?

Online experiences are live virtual tours and interactive video sessions limited to small groups.

Now that many of us can’t travel and are sheltering in one place, online experiences are a great way to connect with people around the world without leaving your living room at home. But it is also a new way to connect with distant friends or family around an interactive activity.



Sylvia provided a wonderful experience! I really enjoyed hearing about the history of Lisbon. The walking and street car tour of the city was really well done. Sylvia is very friendly, energetic and enthusiastic. She nicely got us all engaged in the experience. The sharing her grandmother's postcards along with her tour of those specific places was so creative and enjoyable. Thank you, Sylvia!

– — Cathy

This is definitely the virtual tour experience to take. The tour was highly professional, the research and thoroughness clearly shone through in Silvia's presentation. I felt like I got to know the city and see it from the perspective of the locals. See what they see. I highly recommend this!

– — Danita

Silvia is a wonderful guide. The visuals and the audio (music choices) were so well paired and the theme of postcards as a way to look at the history, then and now, of the Alfama district was a memorable and delightful presentation. We love hearing local people in the squares, young and old. Thank you, Silvia!

– — Cynthia

This experience with Sílvia was really special. Sílvia's storytelling and creativity made me feel like I was really back in Lisbon and fully immersed in her neighborhood, culture, and memories. I really enjoyed the entire experience and I would highly recommend it!

– — Alicia

Not your average experience. This one manages to have a fusion of the past and the present in a setting that's totally unique and extremely impressive. Exploring present Lisbon guided by the past postcards makes you relive an era bygone and appreciate the city even more. Silvia is a fantastic host and does an admirable job of pulling this fantastic concept spectacularly. A truly immersive experience with an amazing host into the city's past as well as present, and I highly recommend it for others to try it.

– — Manish