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Food, wine & cultural experiences in the Azores

With a dash of adventure in an incredible natural setting, we will unveil secrets unknown for many: the unique volcanic Pico wines, the hidden ‘fajãs’ of São Jorge, the tasty and diverse Azorean gastronomy, the local food products, the foodways and the people who make it all possible. Intertwined with the local communities we curate encounters and tastings you wouldn’t otherwise be able to live.

I first visited Pico Island back in 2017, invited by friends. I have been coming back to “the black island of the Azores” as often as I can ever since and today, I can firmly say that this is one of my favorite islands of the archipelago. Together with São Jorge and Faial, these islands constitute the so-called Azorean and can be reached by ferry boat in as little as half an hour.

During our Azorean curated trips and experiences, we explore stories, gastronomic traditions and innovations, protected and transformed by women and men over generations. Together with the locals, we will all become the narrators of this special island, while enjoying delicious local food and wine with a profound context. Always, in the greatest company!