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Portuguese Easter sweet bread and Holy Spirit soups

a typical Terceira house with a woman at the door

In Portugal, the Easter season brings out a culinary delight in traditional dishes. But Easter in Portugal is part of a wider scene, namely the Spring cycle, in which we can also include the cult of the Holy Spirit (Festas do Espirito Santo), celebrated mainly in the Azores islands. Whatever the region of Portugal or…

Insiders’ view on traditional Portuguese soups

a bowl of food on a plate

Soups, a staple of the Portuguese eating habits, can be classed as one of the most inexpensive yet versatile foods to cook. The variety of Portuguese soups is endless. From hearty, warming stews to light and refreshing broths that are perfect on a hot summer day, soups are eclectic and there’s always a recipe for…

6 Homemade Conventual Portuguese Desserts

a close up of a portuguese cake

Portuguese conventual sweets are just one of the categories of Portuguese desserts and the one that I love and admire the most. We can count more than 150 recipes in this category so…endless pleasure is assured! Namely the well known Pastel de Nata!  Plus, some of these recipes have travelled far and influenced foreign traditions…

Reinventing traditional portuguese food in the sustainable city of Lisbon

a person that is standing in the grass

Urban gardens, as we define them today, have always existed. Nowadays it has become one of the most important practices for food sovereignty and economic independence, issues that touch on some of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. In Lisbon, since the II century, the Romans and then, later on the Arabs, were the…

7 Easy ways to boost your immune system during Corona

a group of oranges cut in half

  Some of you have been asking me about the best ingredients to boost your immune system. So here is how I  understood your question: we are already washing our hands 100 times a  day!!!, so now what can we do in the kitchen? Well, I gathered some ingredients and, for 7 days, I will…

Portugal one of the safest destinations to travel to after Corona

a bird sitting on top of a building

  A trip to our inner selves This quarantine period, with its own constraints, has allowed us many different and strong experiences. Even though we are not allowed to travel I think, in general we, and the world, are doing an expedition to and within our inner selves. We frequently say, “we are transformed after…