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For those with a refined palate and a love for the finest wines, Portugal is a wonderful destination.

a couple of people are drinking from a wine glass

Portugal’s significance in the wine world is profound, shaped by many centuries of dedication to viticulture. The country may be small, but its geographical diversity is immense, from the green landscapes of the Vinho Verde region, to the rugged terrains of the Douro Valley, the sunny hills of the Alentejo and further south, without ever forgetting the mosaic of microclimates and terroirs of the country’s Atlantic archipelagos, the Azores and Madeira. This variety allows for an astonishing range of wines, which reflect the character of its origin, and often surprise international visitors who may have not been familiar with Portuguese wines prior to their visit to our country.

There is evidence of vine cultivation in Portugal dating back to at least 2000 BC. As this legacy continues today, it’s only normal that wine enthusiasts from all over the world are increasingly planning food and wine holidays in Portugal. Thankfully, it is now easier than ever not only to sample Portuguese wines in Lisbon, but to get closer to producers all over the country, and see from upclose how the whole winemaking process unfolds, to better understand the philosophy behind each bottle.

The importance of wine in Portuguese culture cannot be overstated. Portugal is the world’s 10th largest producer of wine but, most of all, in our country, wine is a symbol of hospitality, a staple at family gatherings, and a subject of passionate conversation among locals. It may also come as a surprise to some, but Portugal is the largest consumer of wine per capita in the whole wide world – Portuguese adults drink on average more than 71 liters per year! Furthermore, the country’s wineries, from historic estates to innovative newcomers, are not just production sites but places of learning, enjoyment, and connection with the land and its history.

Portugal is the world’s 7th best destination for wine lovers

As acknowledged by Forbes, Portugal secures the 7th spot among the top ten countries for wine lovers, a prestigious ranking that underlines the country’s exceptional contributions to the world of wine. This recognition is a testament to the rich wine culture and the unparalleled experiences that await in Portugal. Furthermore, this prestigious publication has highlighted a handful of Portuguese brands as part of The World’s 50 Best Vineyards. So, if you are planning to visit some of the best wineries worldwide, while in Portugal, make sure you include in your itinerary Quinta do Castro, Quinta do Noval, Graham’s Porto Lodge and Quinta do Seixo (Sandeman). While these are all located in the celebrated Douro region, as locals, we know that Portugal has much more to offer beyond this better known region!

Read on to explore with us the specifics of Portugal’s wine offerings, highlighting the unique aspects that make this country a paradise for wine lovers. From the iconic table and Port wines of the Douro Valley to the lesser-known but equally exquisite varietals from across the country, Portugal’s wine landscape is a marvel of flavors and aromas waiting to be explored, so no wonder that, in recent years, it is finally getting the international recognition we have believed it deserves for a long, long time.

a man riding on top of a tree


The best Portuguese wines

Portugal’s diverse and rich viniculture landscape is celebrated annually by Revista de Vinhos, the nation’s foremost wine publication, which honors the very best in Portuguese wines. These awards are accolades that tend to reflect the heterogeneity that Portuguese wines offer. The “Best of the Year” awards ceremony, held in the grand setting of Porto’s Customs Congress Centre, brings together the industry’s luminaries to celebrate Portuguese excellence in winemaking and gastronomy.

The awards illuminate the breadth and depth of Portugal’s wine industry, showcasing an impressive array of talent, from pioneering winemakers to groundbreaking producers, each contributing to the global stature of Portuguese wines. These recognitions highlight the commitment to excellence that we believe currently defines the Portuguese wine scene.

Among the distinguished honorees on the latest edition were João Portugal Ramos, celebrated for his pivotal role in modernizing the Alentejo wine scene; Juan Carlos Escotet, recognized as “Wine Personality of the Year” for his significant contributions and investments in the Douro and Vila Nova de Gaia; and Luís Cabral de Almeida, named “Winemaker of the Year” for his influential work across Portugal’s wine regions. Quinta da Alorna was lauded as “Producer of the Year,” marking its significant impact on the Tejo region and beyond. João Rodrigues stood out as “Gastronomy Personality of the Year,” reflecting the inseparable bond between wine and cuisine in Portuguese culture.

The Azores, and specifically the island of Pico where we run our culinary and wine trips, also stood out during the award ceremony. The spotlight shone brightly on Czar 2014 from the Azores, crowned “Wine of the Year,” a testament to their incredibly unique approach to winemaking on Pico island. Azores Wine Company, with whom we have been working for several years already, won “Breakthrough Producer of the Year”, finally getting the recognition inside our country that has already been getting internationally. One of our favorite trip partners in Pico, Cátia Laranjo, enologist and owner of Vinhos ETNOM, was highlighted as “Revelation of the Year”. Indeed Cátia’s young age and down-to-earth vibe contrast heavily with her expertise which translates in some of the most special wines we have ever tasted, and which the travelers who join us in the Azores every year are always thrilled to experience. These awards have helped us to confirm that indeed we are working with some of the greatest talent in the island of Pico.

a close up of a bottle and a glass of wine

Azores Wine Company tastings in 2023

Over all, Revista de Vinhos’ awards serve as a guide to the crème de la crème of Portuguese wines, embodying the diverse terroirs, grape varieties, and winemaking philosophies that span from the mainland to the islands, and which we aim at bridging the gap with when you are traveling with us in Portugal.

We invite you to meet these three Azorean wine talents, our friends and “partners in wine” in the Azores during our All Inclusive Curated Culinary Wine Trips and Vacations and Local Food Cultural Wine Experiences!

Azores Wine Company

A cornerstone of the Azorean wine renaissance is the Azores Wine Company. Gathering international acclaim, including a spot on the prestigious “Top 100 Wineries of the Year” list by Wine & Spirits magazine, the company has been instrumental in showcasing the quality and uniqueness of Azores wines to the world.

Founded by António Maçanita, together with Filipe Rocha and Insula Vinus, this winery is a fountain of innovation. António Maçanita, renowned for his role in revolutionizing the wine industry in the Azores and across Portugal, has indeed marked a before and after in Pico’s wine scene. His passion and visionary approach have breathed new life into the ancient vineyards of the island, transforming them into sources of unique, world-class wines.

Since its inception, the Azores Wine Company has received numerous accolades. This recognition is a testament to the quality and distinctiveness of their wines. Azores Wine Company’s wines tell the story of the difficult volcanic landscape from which they originate. Maçanita believed in the potential of Pico wines, when almost no one thought it’d be a good idea to revive the vineyards which had mostly been abandoned or only used for home production since the phylloxera plagues in the late 1800s.

a man and woman sitting next to a body of water

Azores Wine Company tastings

The wines’ notable minerality and complexity reflect the terroir’s unique characteristics but also Maçanita’s innovative winemaking practices. One thing is for sure: they have garnered admiration from wine enthusiasts and critics alike, and they have elevated the Azores Wine Company to a status of international acclaim, distinguishing their wines as some of the most intriguing and sought-after globally.

During our highly curated wine tasting experiences and multi-day culinary trips in Pico island, not only do we get to taste several of AWC’s labels, we also dine at the winery’s high-end restaurant, where chefs craft memorable contemporary Azorean food, served as a tasting menu paired with some of their best harvests. This is an experience which travelers with gourmet inclinations and a certain taste for off the beaten path experiences will not want to miss out on!

Overall, the uniqueness of the Azores Wine Company lies in its deep respect for the island’s winemaking heritage, combined with a relentless pursuit of innovation. By reintroducing ancient grape varieties and employing both traditional and cutting-edge techniques, Maçanita and his team have succeeded in producing wines that are a true expression of Pico’s volcanic essence. Their efforts have not only garnered critical acclaim but have also played a crucial role in preserving the island’s viticultural legacy for future generations.

Our partnership with the Azores Wine Company offers travelers an exclusive glimpse into the heart of Pico’s winemaking revolution. Visitors joining our culinary and wine trips will experience firsthand the passion and dedication that go into every bottle. From exploring the vineyards set amidst the stark beauty of volcanic landscapes to enjoying tastings that highlight the wines’ exceptional qualities, our guests are immersed in the complete Azores Wine Company experience. As mentioned above, this includes visits to their remarkable restaurant, of course, but also a sneak peek to their splendid hotel.

The Azores Wine Company stands as a symbol of what can be achieved when tradition meets innovation. With António Maçanita leading the way, this winery has not only transformed the local wine scene but has also inspired a new generation of winemakers in the Azores and beyond. Our close relationship with the Azores Wine Company ensures that travelers with Oh! My Cod Tours enjoy an authentic and intimate connection with one of Pico’s most pioneering wineries, embodying the spirit of discovery that defines the best of wine tourism.

a close up of a wine glass on a table

Vinho Czar

Besides the offerings of the Azores Wine Company there is also Vinho Czar, another prominent wine producer on Pico island, known for its rare and exquisite wines, such as the O Czar.

Vinho Czar is a winery that crafts some of the most remarkable and sought-after wines in the Azores. Founded by Fortunato Garcia, Vinho Czar is celebrated for producing wines that are extraordinary and also quite rare! Fortunato, a visionary and perhaps one of the bravest winemakers of Pico, owns some of the oldest Verdelho vines on the island. His commitment to a winemaking process that borders on the audacious sets Czar apart in the world of wine.

The winery’s flagship, O Czar, is a marvel of viticulture, renowned for its natural high alcohol content, achieving up to 19% without fortification. This is a feat accomplished by harvesting grapes at their utmost ripeness, when they hang like jewels, almost raisin-like, from the vines. It’s a risky endeavor, as the waiting game can sometimes lead to the grapes being lost to the elements. Yet, when nature is kind, it results in a wine of unparalleled depth and complexity.

These wines balance sweetness and acidity perfectly, a testament to Fortunato’s skill and the extraordinary terroir of Pico. Some bottles fetched upwards of €1000 due to their unique production method and the meticulous aging process. For instance, the 2013 harvest, recently bottled after eight years in oak barrels and limited to just 1000 bottles, exemplifies the exceptional quality and care that define Czar. Czar’s wines are a rarity and, amongst the overall rarity, there are some which are even more unusual and prized, with some bottles commanding prices as high as €7000, as is the case with the 1999 vintage. Czar’s wines stand as a testament to the exclusivity and exceptional quality of Pico’s vinicultural heritage. In the words of Forbes journalist Ann Abel​​ “this crazy wine is worth a trip to Pico island in the Azores”.

a man sitting at a table

Fortunato and the 1999 vintage bottle, commanding prices as high as €7000.

Our Luxury Wine Tasting at the Czar Pico Winery experience offers an intimate glimpse into the world of Vinhos Czar. This four-hour journey is not just about tasting one of the most elusive wines in the world. It’s an immersion into the heart of Pico’s winemaking tradition. Starting in Madalena, we embark on a scenic walk through vineyards nestled between the sea and the base of Pico Mountain, part of the landscape recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004. This walk sets the stage for understanding the unique challenges and rewards of cultivating wine in volcanic soil. To add to this experience, we invite guests to relax at a natural swimming pool, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Pico, sharing stories and preparing for the visit to Czar Winery. Here, in Fortunato Garcia’s domain, we go deeper into the history and singularities of Pico wine, culminating in a tasting session that includes the illustrious Czar 2013.

This experience, which we have curated to reflect the rich history, labor, and the adventurous spirit of its winemaker, offers an unparalleled opportunity to taste the exclusive Czar wines. We’re proud to be able to make this luxurious opportunity more accessible to wine loving travelers visiting Pico island. Especially as, in the coming years, access to Azorean wines, especially rarities like the Czar, will become more exclusive, with the winemaker choosing to reserve these for tastings rather than widespread sale – so we certainly recommend making the most of this golden opportunity while it is still a reality!

Vinhos ETNOM

a group of people standing next to a woman

Cátia and her brother during harvest

Vinhos ETNOM is a winery run by Cátia Laranjo, a winemaker whose name has become synonymous with Pico’s burgeoning wine scene.

Cátia Laranjo, alongside her brother David, founded ETNOM with a vision that blends the rich winemaking heritage of their native Pico with contemporary enological practices. The name ETNOM, which reads as “MONTE” backward, pays homage to their village, symbolizing a return to their roots and the inception of a dream. This dream took form in 2020, starting with the challenge of vinifying her brother’s grapes. By 2021, Cátia embarked on replanting the vineyard she grew up tending alongside her father, a project that reignited her connection to the land and introduced the complexities of viticulture in Pico’s challenging climate.

Cátia’s academic background in enology from UTAD and David’s eventual return to viticulture after a stint in the Navy culminate in ETNOM’s philosophy: to craft wines using ancient methods while incorporating modern knowledge. This synergy between brother and sister, viticulture and enology, past and present, defines ETNOM’s unique approach to winemaking.

At Oh! My Cod Tours, our admiration for Vinhos ETNOM, especially the Canada dos Ladrões Verdelho, runs deep. Verdelho, Pico’s most celebrated grape variety, is masterfully showcased in this wine, encapsulating all its glory. Cátia’s talent for highlighting Verdelho’s distinct characteristics has led us to fall in love with this exceptional wine, a sentiment we eagerly share with our guests during our Pico trips.

Our experiences in Pico offer guests an intimate exploration of Vinhos ETNOM’s world. Following us on Instagram, you’ll often find Cátia featured in our stories, sharing moments of culinary discoveries and wine tastings. This shared passion for food and wine is what we invite our travelers to delve into, offering them a deeper, more contextual understanding of Pico’s wine culture. Through curated experiences with ETNOM, guests witness the culmination of Cátia and David’s journey, tasting wines that are not only products of the Azorean terroir but also of their personal stories and dreams, particularly Cátia, whose young age must remarkable accomplishments tell of an enormous talent which we are positive is still going to be talked about increasing more in the world of wines, in Portugal, and abroad.

a person cutting a cake

Wine harvest are fun, informative… and tasty!

Vinhos ETNOM stands out for its small-scale, handmade approach to winemaking. Each bottle is a testament to the Laranjo’s’ dedication to their craft, the resilience required to cultivate grapes in the Azorean climate, and their commitment to producing wines that reflect both their heritage and their innovative spirit. Joining us for an experience at ETNOM will be more than a regular wine tasting. We promise a full immersion into the heart of Pico’s winemaking renaissance, guided by one of its most passionate and visionary winemakers, Cátia Laranjo. Who, by the way, has also been kind enough to share with us some of her best food and wine tips for when you travel to the island of São Miguel.

Overall, either in the Azores or Continental Portugal, on your own, or being part of one of our multiday Food Wine trips and Experiences, Portugal a wonderful opportunity to visit wine producers, meet the passionate individuals behind the wines, and taste the fruits of their labor!

Why is Portugal ideal for wine lovers?

Understanding what makes Portugal a sanctuary for wine aficionados involves more than acknowledging the quality of its wines. It is also about recognizing how the country has become synonymous with wine tourism. A wine holiday here is far from a mere series of tastings. When planned right, like when you join one of our curated wine trips in Portugal, it can surely be a deep dive into the nation’s viticultural heart, offering an intimate look at the traditions, people, and landscapes that give Portuguese wines their soul.

In the realm of enotourism, Portugal distinguishes itself by integrating the essence of its wine culture with immersive experiences that reach beyond the vineyard. Depending what you are into, this journey may involve wandering through ancient estates, learning from passionate winemakers, and indulging in culinary delights that reflect the local terroir. It’s about feeling the soil beneath your feet, smelling the age-old oak of the barrels, and tasting wines that not only taste good but actually tell a story. If you do not know where to begin, you can count on local experts like us at Oh! My Cod, knowing that we will always take you one step beyond what you’d normally be able to come across as a foreign visitor, certainly experiencing Portugal in a way that is deeper from what is suggested in generic guidebooks or blog posts.

a castle on a hill

Alentejo is another favorite destination for our trips

The diversity of the national map not only offers a wide spectrum of wine styles, it also translates into the possibility of engaging into a variety of enotourism opportunities. Some examples of wine related activities you can do in Portugal include:

  • Guided tours across specific wine regions (something that is quite popular in the Douro Valley, for example, but that can happen anywhere in the country, even the Azores and Madeira)
  • Visits to vineyards and wine cellars
  • Wine tasting workshop
  • Picnics in picturesque vineyards
  • Boat journeys, and even multi-day cruise ship trips, to enjoy the landscapes full of vineyards (this is an experience particularly prevalent in the Douro region, where Port wine comes from, and where you can marvel at the stepped landscape while navigating down the Douro river)
  • Luxury culinary and wine trips abroad a historical train such as The Presidential Train, also in the Douro
  • Wine tastings in wineries or dedicated spaces, as well as casual tastings in rustic taverns and sophisticated pairings in gourmet restaurants
  • Food and wine tours in cities such as Lisbon and Porto, lead by local culinary and cultural experts
  • Blind tastings to awaken your senses and refine your wine instincts
  • Hiking trips in wine producing areas, culminating in wine tastings at hand-picked wineries
  • Meet and greet and tastings with renowned and up and coming enologists (for example, you could meet and learn from Cátia Laranjo, who was recently elected as the Year Revelation by the Portuguese wine magazine Revista de Vinhos, during our exclusive experience in Pico island)
  • Harvest with the locals’ experience (something which is also a part of our Pico island culinary trips, in the most unique vineyards in the country!)
  • Wine dinners, where chefs craft special dishes and sommeliers pair them with particular wines that complement the food
  • Overnight at wine estates which also house boutique hotels and small high-end restaurants (more on this below…)
  • Portuguese cooking classes, which include a group meal with wine pairing
  • Spa sessions which use wine and the byproducts of wine making as part of the wellness and skincare routine
  • Chocolate and wine pairing sessions, for those with a pronounced sweet tooth
a man standing in front of a mountain

Wine harvest in the Azores in 2022 with Oh! My Cod

Activities such as these (which are just some examples, as there are many more across the country, depending how far, physically and metaphorically, you are willing to go), are meant to immerse you in the country’s wine narrative, while also offering a genuine glimpse into Portuguese life. Since our inception, we have always believed in the power food and wine have to facilitate cultural immersion, but this is something that can only happen when you choose to do curated experiences, versus generic tours.

Beyond the obvious: off the beaten path ideas for wine trips within Portugal

For those seeking to diverge from the more frequented paths, Portugal’s wine regions offer numerous hidden treasures. Consider a visit to the lesser-explored regions like Trás-os-Montes, where the harsh terrain and microclimates produce distinctive wines, or explore the Lisbon wine region, where the influence of the Atlantic Ocean on vineyards results in wines with pronounced acidity and freshness, often overlooked in favor of wines from more popular regions, such as the Alentejo and Douro.

a close up of a bottle and a glass of wineAs we’ve explored the vast and varied wine tourism opportunities across mainland Portugal, it’s clear that the country offers an endless array of experiences for wine lovers. Yet, the journey doesn’t end here. Wine tourism extends beyond the mainland, reaching the enchanting Portuguese archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, where unique terroirs and wine-making traditions await discovery. Each with its own distinct wine culture and unique offerings, these islands invite wine enthusiasts on a journey through some of the most distinctive vineyard landscapes and wine styles in the world.

Madeira: a legacy of fortified wine

Madeira, known worldwide for its eponymous fortified wine, boasts a wine culture. The island’s wine-making tradition dates back to the age of exploration when Madeira was a key provisioning point for ships. The unique process of estufagem, where the wine is heated and aged to create its characteristic rich, complex flavors, was discovered serendipitously when wines returned from long sea voyages with a transformed taste that ended up being positively embraced.

Today, planning a wine holiday in Madeira involves exploring its landscapes and historic lodges, where you can dive deep into the intricacies of Madeira wine production. Visitors can embark on guided tours of wineries and tasting sessions that sample the breadth of styles, from dry to sweet, each telling a part of Madeira’s interesting wine history. The island’s wine festival (see more details above), offers a splendid opportunity to immerse oneself in its rich viticultural heritage, featuring live harvest activities, traditional music, and, of course, copious tastings of Madeira wine.

a canyon with a mountain in the background

One of our Top 5 treking in Europe is in Madeira island – from Pico Ruivo to Pico Arieiro

The Azores: volcanic wines which pioneer new frontiers, as we get to experience during Oh! My Cod Culinary and Wine Trips in Pico Island

The Azores, our ‘coup de coeur’: a remote archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, present a starkly different but equally attractive wine experience. Here, the focus shifts to the volcanic soils and unique microclimates that give Azorean wines their distinctive profiles, marked by freshness, acidity, and mineral notes.

a group of people in a rocky area next to a body of water

Our “sandwich” experiences in Pico: walk, swim, eat, drink.

Among the islands, Pico stands out for its UNESCO World Heritage-designated vineyards, a testament to the islanders’ resilience in cultivating vines amidst a landscape of black volcanic rock. Some of the most well-known Pico wineries include names such as Azores Wine Company (also often known simply as AWC), Vinhos Czar, Vinhos ETNOM and EntrePedras, all of which we work with and have fostered close relationships with over the last few years, so that travelers who join Oh! My Cod wine tasting experiences in Pico get to experience the local wine culture from up close, something that tourists just don’t get to do when they visit the island on their own.

How to plan a wine holiday in Portugal

To truly savor a wine holiday in Portugal, we would recommend not only focusing on well known wine regions, but to also include in your plans lesser known regions, which tend to offer more unique experiences. That is precisely what we do with our curated wine trips in mainland Portugal and the Azores, digging deep into the local culture and key players in the world of wine and cuisine, so that you can relax and enjoy when you travel to Portugal and certainly maximize your limited time in our country!

You can certainly book experiences in the famed terraces of the Douro, or even stay overnight at a wine estate in the Alentejo region, where many wine brands combine their vineyards, cellars and rural hotels (often quite fancy, with elegant restaurants to match) in the same general area.

But for more specific experiences, we would for instance recommend seeking Alentejo producers which focus on vinho da talha, like ACV Talha de Frades, which is as historic as it gets around here. Vinho da talha is wine fermented in clay pots, a technique dating back to Roman times.

a person sitting at a table with wine glasses

‘Talha’ wine tastings in the Alentejo region.

Not only is this unique from the wine tasting perspective, but also to learn what really goes into making wine, once you strip contemporary technology away from the process. This method, recognized for its ability to enhance the wine’s natural flavors, is experiencing a revival. Visiting these wineries provides insight into a blend of ancient techniques with modern viticulture. If generally speaking you are interested in natural wines, thankfully this is something Portugal is embracing increasingly more, so you could head to dedicated organic and even biodynamic wine producers, which happen to be a little all over the country.

The Beira Interior, a lesser-known area in the center of Portugal, near the Spanish border, is also a region we’d recommend checking out. Its rugged landscapes and cooler climate are ideal for producing wines with remarkable acidity and freshness. This region, which is actually one of Portugal’s oldest wine regions, is emerging on the world stage for its quality wines made from indigenous grape varieties. Wine enthusiasts eager to explore new territories will find the Beira Interior’s wineries and vineyards welcoming and, at least for now, unspoiled by mass tourism.


Popular wine events in Portugal

To fully embrace the wine holiday experience, consider planning your visit around local wine festivals, which offer a lively introduction to the region’s winemaking traditions. These festivals are a fantastic opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines, engage with local winemakers, and enjoy the celebratory atmosphere that accompanies the wine harvest season.

Some of the most popular wine events in Portugal include:

a man and a woman taking a selfie

The producer António Madeira, from Dão. We love his stubborn personality, reclaiming the old Dão vineyards. © Simplesmente Vinho

Simplesmente Vinho

🍷an event dedicated to low-intervention wines from artisanal small scale producers



Talha à Mesa 

🍷an event organized by Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, dedicated to vinho da talha, that is the ancient Roman style of fermenting wine in clay amphoras


📍Vidigueira, Alentejo

Pura Sede

🍷a wine fair dedicated to natural wines, celebrating minimal intervention during the wine making process



Queijo, Pão e Vinho

🍷a food festival literally dedicated to cheese, bread and wine



Grande Mostra de Vinhos de Portugal

🍷one of Portugal’s largest wine fairs, showcasing more than 100 brands under one roof


📍Albufeira, Algarve

Festa do Vinho Verde

🍷a wine fair entirely dedicated to the much beloved Vinho Verde from the Minho region in northern Portugal


📍Ponte de Lima

Guarda Wine Fest

🍷an event that aims at showcasing wine producers from the Beira Interior region



Douro & Porto Wine Festival

🍷an event with the goal of promoting the wines and the Douro and Porto wine region, while also showcasing cuisine and performances by national and international acts



textFesta das Vindimas

🍷during harvest season, Palmela showcases the best wine producers from the area, from massive brands such as José Maria da Fonseca, Casa Ermelinda Freitas or Bacalhôa, to smaller independent wineries

🗓️end of August / beginning of September


Madeira Wine Festival

🍷 a wine festival that celebrates Madeira, a beloved fortified wine from the island

🗓️August to September

📍Funchal and cellars in rural areas of the island

Wine in Azores

🍷the largest viticulture event in the Azores archipelago


📍Sao Miguel island, Azores

Essência Do Vinho

🍷one of Portugal’s most prestigious wine events, it includes exhibits, tastings and masterclasses

📍🗓️Porto in February, and Lisbon in November

Our favorite stays and wine hotels in Portugal 

Accommodations in Portugal’s wine regions range from luxurious wine hotels and historic quintas to charming rural guesthouses, offering something for (almost) every taste and budget – even though, let’s face it, most wine themed hotels are indeed on the pricier side. Many of these accommodations provide wine related experiences, such as spa treatments with grape-based products, cooking classes, and more straightforward guided vineyard tours and tastings.

Some of our favorite wine estate stays and wine hotels in Portugal include:

Quinta Nova Winery House

🏨the first wine estate in the Douro Valley to develop infrastructure for tourists

📍Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, 5085-222 Covas do Douro

a path with trees on the side of a house

© Quinta Nova

The Yeatman

🏨luxury wine hotel and spa in Porto, often highlighted amongst the very best hotels in the country

📍Rua do Choupelo, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia

Azores Wine Company

🏨sleep overlooking the unique vineyards of Pico island, divided into currais with local volcanic rocks

📍Rua do Poço Velho 34, 9950-054 Bandeiras

a herd of sheep standing on top of a rocky mountain

© Azores Wine Compan

Monverde – Wine Experience Hotel

🏨make the most of the lush landscapes of the Minho region at this wine hotel, where you can even hit the spa to enjoy vinotherapy treatments

📍Quinta de Sanguinhedo, 4600-761 Telões

The Vine Hotel

🏨explore Madeira wine from up close at this hotel in the capital of Madeira

📍Rua dos Aranhas 27, 9000-044 Funchal

Quinta do Vallado

🏨one of the most popular wine stays in the Douro region

📍Quinta do Vallado, 5050-364 Vilarinho dos Freires

a group of people in a garden

© Quinta do Vallado


Terra Rosa Country House & Vineyards

🏨have a relaxing stay in the north of Portugal, where Vinho Verde and incredible cuisine will certainly make you happy

📍Rua de São Pedro de Calvelo 195, 4990-580 Ponte de Lima

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

🏨pair their wines with the stellar cuisine crafted on-site by Michelin-starred chef Joachim Koerper

📍7800-601 Albernoa

Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa

🏨a 5 star wine hotel immersed in nature

📍Av. Sobral Castelo 76, 4730-102 Cervães

Casa Agrícola d’Alagoa

🏨for those who care about organic production

📍Santa Maria Ameres, 5445 Valpaços

Quinta de Alcube

🏨they have individual bungalows with names after grape varieties, such as Castelão, Trincadeira or Moscatel

📍Rua do Alto das Necessidades S/N, 2925-055 Setúbal

Quinta da Taboadellla

🏨a lovely family-run place in the Dão region

📍3560-215 Silvã de Cima

a bench in a garden

© Quinta da Taboadellla

Quinta de Sant’Ana

🏨in their own words “our estate is our home and the vineyards are part of its ecosystem”

📍Rua Direita 3, 2665-113 Gradil

Cabrita-Quinta da Vinha

🏨the Algarve may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Portuguese wines, but places like Cabrita are here to change that perception and broaden your horizons

📍Sítio da Vala, 8300-032 Silves

As we’ve journeyed through the captivating world of Portuguese wines, it’s clear that Portugal is an incredible destination for wine holidays. From the historic vineyards of the Douro Valley to the eye-catching volcanic terroirs of Pico island in the Azores, Portugal is a rich source of wine related wonders waiting to be explored.

At Oh! My Cod Tours, we pride ourselves on being experts in the realms of food, wine, and culture, with deep roots in Lisbon, the expansive beauty of mainland Portugal, and the striking landscapes of the Azores. Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for foodie and wine-loving travelers, inviting you to join us for memorable explorations of our country’s rich gastronomic and vinicultural heritage. Whether you’re savoring the complexity of a vintage Port or delighting in the fresh, mineral notes of an Azorean white, we look forward to welcoming you and sharing the best of Portugal’s wines and cuisine!


Article by :

Zara Quiroga (freelance food writer and food & cultural leader at Oh! My Cod Pico Trips)

Sílvia Olivença (anthropologist and food guide/CEO at Oh! My Cod Ethnographic Food Tours & Trips)

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The best wine bars and stores to discover organic and biodynamic wine in Lisbon

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The Azores islands are an internationally certified sustainable destination and the remote island of Pico is yet to know the effects of mass tourism, welcoming each visitor to its black and green landscape in a distinctive and slow-paced way.