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Our Team

Food tours and cultural experiences run by locals.

What do we all have in common? Our endless love for food, people, traveling, culture, and contemporary Portugal plus a constant will to explore and desire to share it!

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Silvia Olivença

Founder, food host, clinical psychologist and anthropologist

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Thais Medeiros

Food host and beer expert.

a group of people sitting at a table with wine glasses

Darida Rodrigues

Food host and natural wine expert.

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Adriana Schmidt

Food host, entrepreneur and minimalist.

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Natacha Dias

Food host, skipper and fisherwoman.

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Zara Quiroga

Food writer and cook

Partners on the road

a group of people on a beach


If you wish to explore the northern beaches and the center of Portugal, like Nazare, the peculiar and beautiful Almorol Castle and other hidden treasures, you must contact Amylee! She plans amazing road trips and she guides in the best way.

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These guys rock ! An established SDI 5 Star Dive Centre, SSI, TDI and BSAC Dive Centre with a full range of diving courses, lessons and daily dive trips to the best diving sites around the central group of the Azores. And the name…Twin Peaks (a ‘joke’ with Pico Island and montain). How can we resist?