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Scheduled trips for 2024 June, July, August and September.

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While the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, in the Atlantic ocean, has been making the news in recent years, the island of Pico is a hidden gem yet to be discovered by most!

At Oh! My Cod Tours we love going beyond the obvious, getting up close with captivating places and the local people, via their gastronomy, culture and ways of life – always with a laid-back approach to group travel. This is why we’d like to invite you for Oh! My Cod Pico Experience!

The Azores islands are an internationally certified sustainable destination, nominated every year for several categories by the World Travel Awards. The remote island of Pico is yet to know the effects of mass tourism, welcoming each visitor to its black and green landscape in a distinctive and slow paced way.

Just like our authentic food and cultural experiences in Lisbon, our curated Pico trips focus on the foodways! The local gastronomy of the Azores, its unique volcanic Pico wines, and the people who make it all possible, but this time around also with a dash of adventure in an incredible natural setting! We will be far from the crowds but still intertwined with the local communities, curating exclusive food and cultural experiences and encounters you wouldn’t otherwise be able to live.


  • 4 nights at hand-picked accommodation during the entire trip (don’t worry about packing and unpacking your luggage, as during the entire trip you will get to comfortably stay at the same accommodation)

  • All meals and drinks included in OMC activities

  • Full admission to all proposed activities, locations and events (water sports, trekking, cooking class, cultural events, museums, gastronomic experiences at restaurants or private, wine tastings, behind-the-scenes cultural experiences)

  • up to 5 Azorean wine-tasting sessions from local producers

  • Two OMC hosts food and cultural experts throughout the entire experience and an OMC Chef on specific days

  • Transportation during all activities mentioned in the program

  • Private transfers to and from Pico airport or ferry terminal (arrival and departure day)

What’s Included:

  • 7 nights at hand-picked accommodations during the entire trip, 7 nights (don’t worry about packing and unpacking your luggage, as during the entire trip you will get to comfortably stay at the same accommodation)

  • All meals and drinks included in OMC activities ( x breakfasts, x lunches, and x dinners.)

  • Full admission to all proposed activities, locations and events (water sports, trekking, cooking class, cultural events, museums, behind-the-scenes cultural experiences)

  • 4-5 Azorean wine tasting sessions

  • Day trip to one of the neighboring islands with all included

  • Two OMC hosts food and cultural experts throughout the entire experience.

  • Transportation during all activities mentioned in the program

  • Private Transfers to and from Pico airport or ferry terminal (arrival and departure day)


iconPico Island is strategically located in the so-called Azorean Triangle, close to two other islands, Faial and São Jorge, that can be reached by ferry boat in as little as half an hour.

Pico has a very unique ecosystem due to the black Volcanic rock present all over the island. Thanks to the local’s tenacity who, against all odds, among other achievements, managed to grow fantastic grapes from rocks in the landscape of Pico Wine, which since 2004 has been considered a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Pico Island is also where you can climb the highest mountain in Portugal, Mount Pico, that reaches 2351 m / 7713 ft high.



I fell in love with these islands, especially with Pico, when I spent several months there living, working, tasting and exploring.  These personal experiences allowed me to create natural connections that I have shared with small groups of travelers since 2021, through these cultural and culinary trips, which emerged organically as part of the fabric of my life – as happened to all OMC tours and experiences which are always authentic, eclectic and deeply rooted in the region and its people!

My background in Anthropology gives me tools to better understand how food and beverages are manifestations of local traditions and communities, embedded into a certain place or culture.

We facilitate access to experiences beyond what other commercial travel agents can book and that would be difficult for you to conceptualize alone or in a short time. Our organized activities have structure and fluidity. You’ll ‘live’ an authentic connection with people and local culture in a fun and relaxed way.

At OMC we preach and practice ‘transformative tourism’ meaning your experience has the potential to change you positively. Each time we organize one of our events we bear this in mind. We only work with small groups and exclusive experiences. We emphasize local narratives and personal stories rather than ‘universal’ theories. We believe we are all cultural actors and creators with our part to play.

Finally, it’s part of OMC’s spirit to be eclectic, which means we offer you experiences that range from traditional to innovative, from award-winning producers to exclusive and homemade meals cooked by natives, where the oral and popular knowledge dialogue with the ‘scientific’ one, where dominant narratives/products/wines are questioned by subversive ones.

Note from the founder, Sílvia Olivença, member of the Slow Food Foundation.

Travel Leaders & Narrators

a person smiling for the camera

Founder and CEO of Oh! My Cod, food host, clinical psychologist and anthropologist. Silvia traveled to Pico for the first time in 2017 and has been back as often as possible ever since. To say she has a soft spot for this island is an understatement. She likes it there so much that she even started doing group trips to have a fun and delicious excuse to keep coming back! After the success of the experiences organized during the summer of 2021, each year has been enriched with even more opportunities for great experiences.

a person posing for the camera

Marina was born and raised in Lisbon. However, since she was 7 years old, her Summers were spent at her aunt’s home in the Azores. Most of her adult life has been spent abroad during which time she had the opportunity to broaden her horizons and create a beautiful family before returning home in 2021. Although she loves living back in mainland Portugal, she has always considered these islands, their people, their culture, their landscape and above all their food to be her biggest passion!

Working for Oh! My Cod since 2023, and leading gastronomic experiences in Lisbon, has opened the door to fulfilling her dream of returning to the Azores, her spiritual home, where she can share her love, passion and dedication with our guests.

a woman Chef cooking

Natacha is a Portuguese Chef, a certified skipper, a fisherwoman who loves to fish to cook. She is an expert on Portuguese ‘conventual’ desserts and passionate about Portuguese organic and biodynamic wines. Being a Pico lover, Natacha accompanied Silvia in the very first food and wine Pico expeditions, with former guests and friends, where the present food-travel model was tested and developed. Because of her studies, we will be meeting Natacha in Pico exclusively in August.

a group of people sitting at a table eating food

Together with the Locals, we will all become the narrators of this special island, while enjoying delicious local food and wine with a profound context.

Always, in the greatest company!


A definite must in Pico

A definite must in Pico. Silvia gave us a thorough history of how grapes came to be on the island. We were taken on a walk through the wine fields but mind you these wine fields are not like ours in the States, these grapes are grown in lava beds. No soil! And boy, oh boy the wine produced from these grapes is fanatastic!!! Silvia then took us to a protected swimming area to either swim or not and eat small bites at the local restaurant right there. Crabs, limpets and favas beans with bread. Lastly we were driven to a winery to sample wines produced by a women, very passionate about her wines. And fabulous wines they are!!! If you only have a few hours on Pico, as we did, I would highly recommend this tour. The ferry ride from Faial was a breeze.

– Dasya Rose, Tualatin, Oregon (2023)
Once in a lifetime experience

We loved our experience. Silvia and Marina Were extremely kind and knowledgeable! Book this experience!!! You will not regret it!

– Malia, EUA
Increíble experiencia!

Un paseo precioso! El lugar es increíble, con una naturaleza exuberante. Difícil elegir la mejor parte: las caminatas, las pruebas de vinos, el contacto con la cultura local, las piscinas... Silvia, muchas gracias por la experiencia fantástica! Volvimos todos encantados :)

– Gabriel, EUA (2023)
A moment well spent in BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE Pico Island ;-)

As a solo female traveler, I have to say that, I absolutely loved (LOVED ;-) this experience. It is not only a great way to dive into the Azorean Culture through tastings of the VERY UNIQUE Pico wine, local cuisine, breathtaking walks through the vineyards, swimming in tide pools within the amazing volcanic landscape, but also an absolute perfect way to meet and mingle with other fellow visitors and local hosts. I wish I could stay longer! Thank YOU so much for such a blissful moments, Silvia ... I hope to come back and do this all over again with a special someone ... who knows! Hugs to all of you who took such great care of us!

– Sandra, Ohio (2023)

A moment well spent that made all the difference on our immersion to Pico! We got to know places, wines and tasted a local cuisine that without Silvia and Adriana would not have been possible or would have been extremely difficult! They took us swimming at incredible places. We had delicious volcanic wine tastings from local wine producers among the black rocks and kiwis accompanied by local people! A trip not to be missed with people who become friends and that we carry in our hearts! Thank you so much!

– Helmi, Finland (2023)
A trip that will stay in my heart and memories for ever

I had the pleasure of experiencing this trip with 2 of my friends and we all absolutely loved it! Pico is the most beautiful place and so different from anywhere we have been before. Everything, from the natural swimming pools, landscape and caves, is so lush and green from being a volcanic island. On the day trip to Faial, even though it all felt very tropical, soon we were walking on what can only be described as a lunar landscape on Capelinhos Volcano; we were not expecting that! We tried so many delicacies that we didn't even know existed and the freshest of fish and seafood which was a plus for me since I am a pescatarian. I particularly enjoyed the Pico style Octopus! My friends are meat eaters and said that it was the best beef they had ever had. We tried many different wines and still couldn't believe those grapes grew on those rocks. It really helped having our hosts pairing it with our meals for a more comprehensive experience. We were greeted by Sílvia at the airport and then taken to the most beautiful property where we had all the comfort and privacy we needed. By the end of the week we felt like we were all friends with Sílvia and the rest of the group and the team!

– Joseph, Uk (2022)



  • Indulge in the local cuisine of the Azores islands
  • Sample the most delectable sustainable tuna in the world
  • Try local seafood delicacies, such as limpets, barnacles and giant clams
  • Taste Azorean grass-fed PGI beef cooked in typical recipes
  • We will visit Pico’s most renowned restaurants to taste its “land and sea”
  • From simple family-style eateries with deliciously authentic food….
  • …. to a multi-course fine dining meal with wine pairing at the Azores Wine Company
  • Enjoy a group meal prepared by OMC Chef Natacha Dias that will give a broader view of Portuguese cuisine and wine.
  • Visit an artisanal cheese factory and taste Azorean PDO cheeses
  • Sip local coffee from the Azores
  • Savor the islands’ tropical fruits 



  • Discover the volcanic vineyards of Pico, a Unesco World Heritage site
  • Learn the fascinating history of Pico wine (always with a glass in hand!)
  • Taste Pico’s best wines, during at least 5 distinct wine tastings
  • Meet well-established and awarded wine producers
  • … as well as a talented, new generation female winemakers who are at the forefront of Pico’s unique wine landscape and sustainable revolution.
  • Get limited editions of Pico Wine and meet local wine producers.

    This will be a full immersion into Pico’s wine culture – one of the most distinctive in the world!



  • Meet the people of Pico Island
  • Enjoy a meal with a local family
  • Understand the whaling history of the region
  • Participate in the wine harvest with the locals (August & September trips only!)
  • Be a part of, and maybe even help cook up a feast for the religious ceremonies of the Espirito Santo with the locals (exclusive to certain periods of the year)
  • Discover the local handicrafts created by resident artisans (on fish scales, in wood, on lava stone, scrimshaw and others)
  • Make new friends with fellow travel



  • Go whale-watching: this is one of the world’s top spots to do it!
  • Swim in the most beautiful natural pools all around the island
  • Snorkel in a stunning Marine Protected Area
  • See dolphins during a boat trip


  • Climb Mount Pico, the highest mountain in Portugal (2,351 meters / 7,713 feet)
  • Immerse yourself in nature as you explore Pico’s hiking trails (from the coastal lava fields to the verdant central high plateau)
  • Walk and get immersed in the surrealistic Pico vineyards landscape, Unesco Heritage
  • Admire centuries-old dragon trees at the biggest Dracaena draco forest in Macaronesia
  • Visit a local hydroponic small farm
  • Soak in the scenic views all around you: mountain, greenery, ocean… it’s all there!

All these activities are led by an OMC host or/and a local guide.


Explore one of the neighboring islands: Faial or São Jorge. Depending on the day-trip destination you will:

  • Sip local coffee from the Azores at a local plantation (São Jorge)
  • Experience what living in a “​​fajã” is like (São Jorge)
  • Enjoy a traditional meal cooked by locals in the luxurious São Jorge Island facing the ocean (São Jorge)
  • Taste giant clams from a local lake (São Jorge)
  • Swim in one of the best natural pools of the region (São Jorge)
  • Lay down your towel on a black sand beach surrounded by unique landscapes (Faial)
  • Taste a unique wine from the first vineyards planted at the foot of Capelinhos Volcano (Faial)


We have a great program lined up for you… but it’s not all rush, rush!

  • Stay at our hand-picked accommodations
  • Take it easy and recharge your batteries
  • You can also soak up the sun …
  • …and/or take a refreshing dip at one of the natural pools
  • Apart from our scheduled activities and meals, you’ll have free time too!

We can help you to book additional activities such as:

  • Massages
  • Going fishing with a local fisherman
  • Scuba-diving tours
  • Snorkeling activities
  • Excursion into a lava cave
  • Visiting local museums
  • Baking activities with a local
  • Culinary workshops with OMC Chef Natacha Dias


  • Stay at typical, hand-picked, local accommodations
  • The majority of our accommodations will be in local properties with full amenities. You will be able to enjoy relaxing moments at home the way you wish.
  • Don’t worry about packing and unpacking your luggage, as during the entire trip you will get to comfortably stay at the same accommodation

All photos/videos by Sílvia Olivença, Natacha Dias and Zara Quiroga, taken during our trips, except the two taken from Pico’s summit (credits to Tripix for the group picture and Kim Wolde for the overnight camping picture).