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Embark on a journey to São Jorge Island, a gem in the Azores known for its dramatic landscapes and fascinating cultural traditions.

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This unique 2 day tour offers an authentic glimpse into the island’s distinct way of life that contrasts sharply with the more traveled paths.

Stretching over 30 miles, São Jorge is an elongated island sculpted by nature’s force. The island is characterized by its stark contrasts: from the serene, flat pasturelands atop the plateau to the rugged, verdant “fajãs” at sea level. These small coastal plains, nestled at the cliffs’ base, are not only a testament to the island’s volcanic heritage but also a vital part of local lifestyle. Historically, islanders practiced transhumance, that is seasonally moving livestock between the plateau and the fajãs, navigating the challenging terrain with traditional pulley systems to transport goods and even animals. This geographical split has deeply influenced local expressions and cultural practices, making phrases like “lá fora está a chover” (it’s raining outside) commonplace in fajãs to describe the weather on the distant plateaus.

São Jorge’s fierce terrain and the resilience of its people have crafted a community where tradition and sustainability intertwine. The island’s economy thrives on a delicate balance of agriculture, evident in the famed São Jorge cheese, renowned globally for its intense flavor. This cheese is a direct product of the island’s high-quality pasture, which supports a thriving dairy industry. The island also has a strong tradition in cattle ranching, fishing, wine making and spirits production – we explore and taste it all, together!

This tour is your passage into the heart of São Jorge. During this experience, every moment and meal tells the story of resilience, adaptation, and beauty of the people of this remote island in the Azores. Join us for an exhilarating adventure – spaces are limited to preserve the quality and intimacy of the experience!



  • Savor local delicacies, including freshly brewed coffee from a local plantation – one of the very few in all of Europe!

  • Enjoy a traditional meal prepared by locals in a scenic fajã, overlooking the ocean.

  • Visit an artisanal cheese factory to understand and taste the process behind (…)

  • Taste the internationally acclaimed PDO São Jorge cheeseawarded a Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards!

  • Embrace Nature and experience the stunning diversity of São Jorge’s landscape by swimming in pristine natural pools and walking through some of the most picturesque trails in the Azores.

  • Gain insight into the unique lifestyle of fajã inhabitants, exploring how these resilient communities flourish in such secluded settings.

  • Delight in the unique flavors of giant clams, sourced directly from a local lake.

  • Spend one night

What’s Included:

  • 7 nights at hand-picked accommodations during the entire trip, 7 nights (don’t worry about packing and unpacking your luggage, as during the entire trip you will get to comfortably stay at the same accommodation)

  • All meals and drinks included in OMC activities ( x breakfasts, x lunches, and x dinners.)

  • Full admission to all proposed activities, locations and events (water sports, trekking, cooking class, cultural events, museums, behind-the-scenes cultural experiences)

  • 4-5 Azorean wine tasting sessions

  • Day trip to one of the neighboring islands with all included

  • Two OMC hosts food and cultural experts throughout the entire experience.

  • Transportation during all activities mentioned in the program

  • Private Transfers to and from Pico airport or ferry terminal (arrival and departure day)


On the tour day, you will meet the group near the Ferry Boat terminal in Velas Village, São Jorge Island, in front of Café Restaurante Velence.

It’s a very central area, but feel free to contact us if you need before the experience starts.


For more frequently asked questions about weather, alcohol, and dietary restrictions, please visit our FAQ page here.


A definite must in Pico

A definite must in Pico. Silvia gave us a thorough history of how grapes came to be on the island. We were taken on a walk through the wine fields but mind you these wine fields are not like ours in the States, these grapes are grown in lava beds. No soil! And boy, oh boy the wine produced from these grapes is fanatastic!!! Silvia then took us to a protected swimming area to either swim or not and eat small bites at the local restaurant right there. Crabs, limpets and favas beans with bread. Lastly we were driven to a winery to sample wines produced by a women, very passionate about her wines. And fabulous wines they are!!! If you only have a few hours on Pico, as we did, I would highly recommend this tour. The ferry ride from Faial was a breeze.

– Dasya Rose, Tualatin, Oregon (2023)
Once in a lifetime experience

We loved our experience. Silvia and Marina Were extremely kind and knowledgeable! Book this experience!!! You will not regret it!

– Malia, EUA
Increíble experiencia!

Un paseo precioso! El lugar es increíble, con una naturaleza exuberante. Difícil elegir la mejor parte: las caminatas, las pruebas de vinos, el contacto con la cultura local, las piscinas... Silvia, muchas gracias por la experiencia fantástica! Volvimos todos encantados :)

– Gabriel, EUA (2023)
A moment well spent in BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE Pico Island ;-)

As a solo female traveler, I have to say that, I absolutely loved (LOVED ;-) this experience. It is not only a great way to dive into the Azorean Culture through tastings of the VERY UNIQUE Pico wine, local cuisine, breathtaking walks through the vineyards, swimming in tide pools within the amazing volcanic landscape, but also an absolute perfect way to meet and mingle with other fellow visitors and local hosts. I wish I could stay longer! Thank YOU so much for such a blissful moments, Silvia ... I hope to come back and do this all over again with a special someone ... who knows! Hugs to all of you who took such great care of us!

– Sandra, Ohio (2023)

A moment well spent that made all the difference on our immersion to Pico! We got to know places, wines and tasted a local cuisine that without Silvia and Adriana would not have been possible or would have been extremely difficult! They took us swimming at incredible places. We had delicious volcanic wine tastings from local wine producers among the black rocks and kiwis accompanied by local people! A trip not to be missed with people who become friends and that we carry in our hearts! Thank you so much!

– Helmi, Finland (2023)
A trip that will stay in my heart and memories for ever

I had the pleasure of experiencing this trip with 2 of my friends and we all absolutely loved it! Pico is the most beautiful place and so different from anywhere we have been before. Everything, from the natural swimming pools, landscape and caves, is so lush and green from being a volcanic island. On the day trip to Faial, even though it all felt very tropical, soon we were walking on what can only be described as a lunar landscape on Capelinhos Volcano; we were not expecting that! We tried so many delicacies that we didn't even know existed and the freshest of fish and seafood which was a plus for me since I am a pescatarian. I particularly enjoyed the Pico style Octopus! My friends are meat eaters and said that it was the best beef they had ever had. We tried many different wines and still couldn't believe those grapes grew on those rocks. It really helped having our hosts pairing it with our meals for a more comprehensive experience. We were greeted by Sílvia at the airport and then taken to the most beautiful property where we had all the comfort and privacy we needed. By the end of the week we felt like we were all friends with Sílvia and the rest of the group and the team!

– Joseph, Uk (2022)