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Quick Details

  • 14 tastings Food & 2 Drinks
  • 5-course Menu
  • Alfama & Baixa districts
  • Local Guide/Host
Adults 13 years old
Children 9-13 years old
Children 3-9 years old
Baby 0-2 years old

There are three places in the world where these products are created with similar quality and umami taste. One of them is Lisbon. Do not miss this opportunity!

This Lisbon Food Tour will guide you through the world of umami taste (savory deliciousness) & techniques of fish conservation used by the Phoenicians in Lisbon, developed in Portuguese food traditions & perfected by a Portuguese Chef.

group people around a table doing cheersBased on unprecedented Portuguese research, we are now able to taste these artisanal products in balanced and local fish Portuguese dishes and Portuguese cuisine.

Get ready to discover & taste muxama, garum, tuna pastrami, Atlantic wreckfish bottarga, tuna chorizo (analogous to blood pork sausage), swordfish belly bacon, smoked octopus, cuttlefish roe, and others. All from sustainable fishing on the Portuguese coastline and Portuguese Islands. All examples of umami foods, which basically will bring you the essence of deliciousness to your palate.

Through a combination of 14 different delicious tastings, a 5-course menu & a slow food experience, we travel centuries & cultures, learning about preserving techniques, immersed in stories about people, salt, sun, & sea, while being amazed by the fifth taste of umami, present in these unique & exclusive sea flavors!

For this walking food tour in Lisbon, after we meet in Alfama district, closer to the river, we visit one of the oldest stores where Romans produced Garum – a roman fish sauce with a unique flavor, equated to a golden essence. A perfect introduction to what follows.

Just a few minutes away, after crossing the old city wall, we will find our gastronomic stop where a unique & exclusive tasting itinerary starts. Food and culture, past and present became intertwined.

This gastronomic stop combines a restaurant, a shop (garum  fish sauce is for sale here!), but also a sort of laboratory where food preserving methods are explored, like nowhere else in Portugal.

Beyond imagination!



We will meet in a square, named Largo do Chafariz de Dentro, right in front of Museu do Fado, in Alfama.

If you are arriving by public transport, take the METRO to Santa Apolónia station and then walk for approximately 5-7 minutes.

If you wish to explore the area of Alfama before it’s a good plan. You will be close to the Pantheon Church and to one of the most emblematic sightseeings in Lisbon: Miradouro de Santa Luzia on top of Alfama hill.

My advice is to start from the top hill and then, gently came down, through the narrow and labyrinthic streets of Alfama to finally meet us at the level of the river, in front Museu do Fado.


For more frequently asked questions about weather, alcohol, and dietary restrictions, please visit our FAQ page here.


“Exceeded my expectations! Silvia gave us such insights into the changing Portuguese landscape of both architecture, cultural diversity, and gastronomy over the centuries. Her commitment to quality and family-owned businesses is a testament to her belief in the beauty of the culture. Food selections and wines were spot on. Highly recommend it for foodies and anyone who likes learning about food and culture. Silvia gave much more than I expected which elevated the experience. Don’t underestimate the value of the commentary to enhance the food and cultural experience”.

– — Karen, from Massachusetts

“I was late to this experience because my driver and I were rear ended in the Uber. Thais told me where to meet everyone because I had been awake for about 40 hours after traveling, and was very confuses about where to go. You would think after being rear ended while tragically sleep deprived, that I would’ve had a terrible experience on this excursion. Byt was not the case at all! Thais took us on a fantastic walk with five different amazing small meals with wine. I don’t drink, but this was not a problem. There was always an option for me. Thais also told stories of her travels and life experiences. She is so clever, funny, and bright. She made us all laugh and it seems like the other guests also enjoyed her as much as I did. I really enjoyed all the history she shared with us. About the churches, the Moors, the fish wives, and the different neighborhoods. My friend came to visit the next day and I took her on some of the same steps and was able to tell her some history thanks to Thais. Take this tour! PS - I really liked they confirmed everything the day before.”

– — Rachel, Colorado, USA

“Samuel was a phenomenal host and guide. He showed us places we would never have found on our own and taught us so much about the history of Lisbon. He even lent us his umbrella when it started raining. Throughout the tour, we were immersed in local culture and far away from tourist traps. We had a great small group of six and really had fun together. The best thing we’ve done on our trip to Portugal. Highly recommended!"

– — Trevor, San Francisco

“We absolutely recommend this tour, especially with our co-host Dárida. She is so warm and kindhearted. We appreciated how personable she was with everyone. This was hands down the best decision we made as far as a walking tour goes. We had an amazing group of people that we all connected with. The food, the drinks, and the history we received felt authentic and informative. They even offer a great list of follow up spots to hit after the amazing tour she guides you through. Mahalo nui loa & Meshew forever! Best tour ever!”

– — Brandy, from Hawaii