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Quick Details

  • 20 tastings Food & Drinks & Local Guide/Host
  • 3 gastronomic stops
  • Graça, Mouraria and Baixa or Príncipe Real districts
Adults 13 years old
Children 9-13 years old
Children 3-9 years old

Discover the authentic and creative artisanal food products and recipes these Portuguese Chefs bring to the table.

3 food stops, 3 Portuguese Chefs, 3 Lisbon districts.

a group of people sitting at a dinner table

STOP 1. Creativity, zero-waste & hard work, served since 2013 by this female Chef, who worked in several Michelin-star restaurants after being a cinema director. Here everything is homemade, including butter, pickles, smoked products, artisanal bread. Signature cuisine served informally.

STOP 2. Depending on the day this stop will change, but both Chefs share the same compromise, which is the balance between tradition and innovation, local products and cooking technics.

STOP 3. A sensory approach to what we usually only see in books. This Chef brings to our plates and palates, the techniques of fish conservation used by the Phoenicians, now perfected and presented in balanced fish dishes, full of umami and savouriness. Food & culture, past & present became intertwined. Unique in Portugal, rare in the world.

Tradition and innovation, small producers and seasonal products, signature cuisine and casualty, they all go together!

Three Chefs gathered around the same values & principles: promotion of local gastronomic traditions & artisanal knowledge; seasonal menus & products; creating innovative processes that respect authentic food and traditions; sustainability and biodiversity.

This walking food tour will also allow you to know more about three iconic Lisbon districts, now and then: Chiado, Bica (where the most photogenic street in the world is located) and Baixa.



We will be meeting at the viewpoint Miradouro São Pedro de Alcantara, near Chiado and Bairro Alto. Arrive early to enjoy the amazing view.

To reach this address you can take the 28 Tramway, step out at Largo do Camões (Camões square) stop and walk 3-4 minutes to the meeting point.

Since this is one of the 7 hills of Lisbon, some guests love to take the famous tuk tuks (small electric cars, with one driver, open air) to the top. 


For more general questions about dietary restrictions and alcohol, please visit our FAQ page here.


“My wife and I took this tour together looking to get a better understanding of the history and the coty. When we travel we tend do research a good amount so we can try to find fun little places. Silvia filled all of the gaps that we wanted, we didn’t go and do the touristy things that we could have figured out ourselves. We were taken through neighborhoods and down the paths that led us into a Lisbon that we would never have even thought of. It was really fantastic to experience a city like this. At one point Silvia said: “I’m not going to show you pasteis de nata because you already know that and all the good addresses are easy to find” and it really makes us feel like she wasn’t treating us like generic tourists. The sweet alternative was delicious and learn us so much about portuguese traditional sweets. We threw some interesting questions regarding the architecture and history and she know the answers like the back of her hand and when she didn’t she was intrigued and wanted to find the answer. It was a really great experience that we had the chance to share with a group of great people from around the world”.

– — Josh Vandenavond, from Wisconsin, USA

“A great experience which I 'd definitely recommend. Sam was an absolutely brilliant host, super personable and really went the extra mile to make us feel welcome. We had truly atrocious weather (obviously not the norm at all in Lisboa!), but despite the rain we really enjoyed the tour - a testament both to Sam’s personality and the inventiveness of the tour itself (and the excellent tastings). ”

– — Jennifer Acton, from London, UK

“We went on this tour with Dárida and got far more than expected! Knowledge from someone passionate about the food and its relation to the culture of the city, a friendly guide that really helped the group share a fun time, and lots of other details about cool Portuguese/Lisbonese details that popped up along the way. It was much more than a food tour really, but as a framework for a walking tour of Lisbon this was as good as it gets”.

– — Brian Erickson, from Maine, USA