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Quick Details

  • Wine tastings
  • Food tastings
  • Walk in Pico Unesco vineyards
  • natural pool (if weather allows)
Adult Ages 17+
Youth (12-17)
Children (3-12)
Infant Ages 0-2

Czar Pico wine is unique in the world, say the wine critics!

Its price reflects the History it carries, but also all the work and mainly the risk taken by its producer: Fortunato Garcia, who owns some of the oldest Verdelho vines in Pico.

Locals say he must be crazy, because grapes are harvested very ripped, almost falling from the vines, like raisins.

On ‘cursed’ years, strong wind or rain can tear these gold grapes apart. That’s why not every year we can have Czar wine…

Czar wine is not a liqueur nor a fortified wine (like port wine), and his bottles can reach more than 1000€.

The 18 degrees of alcohol you taste, is naturally acquired, with a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

This year we are lucky! Fortunato just bottled the 2013 harvest and it’s excellent! Aged for 8 years in oak barrels, limited to 1000 bottles. We saved some for you!

To start will meet in Madalena, for a short walk, through the vineyards right by the sea, at the foothills of Pico Mountain, in the landscape of Pico Wine – considered since 2004 a UNESCO World Heritage site. We will learn about the History and the specificity of Pico wine that grows from lava soil and flourishes on the rock.

To refresh our feet, we take you to a natural swimming pool, where you can get on the water or just lay down for a bit, exchanging more local stories and preparing for our last stop: Czar Winery!