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Lisbon Food Tours

Food and wine tours led by locals in Lisbon, Portugal

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The original food tour of Lisbon since 2016. Take a walk through history and contemporary life. Discover one of Top Gastronomic Experiences in the World, with more than 3500 five-star reviews on several platforms. Portuguese Cuisine and its influences in 4 food stops, 3 districts and 17 tastings.

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Three Portuguese Chefs, three propositions all based on the principles of traditional knowledge and innovation, seasonability, sustainability and zero-waste. Discover unique local artisanal products in creative and coherent recipes that bring you the delicious taste of Lisbon’s contemporary food scene.



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The only Food Tour in Portugal exploring taste of umami and the Roman techniques of fish conservation perfected by a Portuguese Chef. Be one of the first to dig the head and the tongue on those artisan products in savoring balanced, local, and gourmet fish recipes.